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You’re planning your flowers for your big day, and your goal is to keep things simple and elegant. Maybe you’re going for a backyard-style DIY wedding experience with homemade party favors. Understated floral? Your grandmother’s vintage wedding dress? Maybe you’re doing a beach wedding or destination wedding and plan to walk down the aisle bare-footed in a knee-length slip dress. Or maybe you’re planning a rustic bohemian wedding with a long, open-backed wedding gown complete with lacy bell sleeves.

In each of these scenarios, a thoughtfully appointed succulent floral crown would complete the look, making it more romantic and unique. (And if your destination doesn’t involve leaving the country, you can even pack your crown and bring it with you! Succulents are that hardy!)

photo: My One Love Photography

Why We Love Succulents

Succulents come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. They can mix in with more traditional flowers like spray roses and baby’s breath, in addition to blending perfectly with wildflowers and lavender in the spring or berries in the fall or winter. Even faux or dried flowers pair well if you’re looking for something that will last for a bit longer.

If you’re going for a softer color palette for your bridal bouquet and hair wreath, pairing them with powdery blue, minty green, or baby pink succulents would keep the feeling you’re going for while enhancing the overall look. Here’s an example of a wedding floral crown featuring minty green succulents, seed eucalyptus, and green hypericum berries. This bride only wanted greens and neutrals in her look, and she looked like a garden goddess on her special day.

The best part about including – or featuring – succulents in your wedding flowers is that they last— whether your wedding is indoors or out, rain or shine, hot or cold. Succulents don’t wilt like cut flowers, so even on the hottest day, your succulent floral crown, bouquet, boutonniere, aisle decor, and altar flowers will stand up to the heat. They’re not indestructible, but they don’t crush as easily as cut flowers either. Go ahead and bury your face into your love’s shoulder for your first dance of the night, your crown will be fine (just be careful not to get your makeup on their clothes if you’re wearing any!).

A Succulent Keepsake

According to Wedding Wire, your floral budget should be about 8% of your overall total wedding budget. With the average American wedding running roughly $33k (and in SF California, close to $40K) in 2018, you could be spending between $2700 and $3500 for your wedding flowers. Doesn’t it feel like a tragedy that they’ll die a few short days after the party’s over? And if you leave for your honeymoon right away, you even miss out on those few extra days.

Using succulents lessens the blow quite a bit, because the plants in your sweet floral headband, hair piece, boutonniere, and bouquet can be planted right back into the ground and continue to grow (even if you wait until after your honeymoon to take care of it). The same is true of your centerpieces and the personal flowers for everyone in your wedding party. Everyone who participated in your wedding will have a succulent keepsake to remind them of your special day. And you’ll have one too. (We provide a post-wedding replanting service and also care instructions if you’d rather do it yourself!)

Wedding Hairstyles

photo: Kendal Aubrey

The trend right now seems to be long, wavy bridal hair. This is especially true in the bohemian and woodland wedding styles that have been all the rage recently. It can be half up with loose braids and twists, all the way up, or long and flowing loose curls and waves. And it’s gorgeous. That being said, we don’t all have the luxury of growing an extra foot of hair for our wedding day. And many women prefer a shorter, spunky ‘do (including me!). A romantic, simple crown can go a long way to completing your bridal look, regardless of hair length or style. Or go big. This bride has no hair at all and decided to make her succulent crown the star of her look for her woodland micro-wedding.

photo: Studio 22

Your Big Day

Your big day should be as unique as you are. It should represent not only the love between you and your partner, but your values, your taste, and your personalities! Choosing succulents communicates not only that you have a flawless eye for nature’s beauty, but that you value the environment. You’ve chosen to use floral elements that will keep growing long after the guests have gone home.

Whether you’re local to California or are planning a celebration on the opposite side of the country, we can create a unique look just for you. Our succulent flower crowns, succulent jewelry, bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres will ship to wherever you are. We even offer mini cork gardens that look amazing at place settings (inquire for bulk order pricing). Shoot us a message, and we’ll figure out the rest. You can also check out our online wedding shop to help get your creative juices flowing. We’ll customize for color, style, and overall look and feel to perfectly complement your wedding vision.

photo: Kait Miller

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