Succie Cutting Grab Bag


Succulent cutting grab bags:
~ 1 pound
~ 25 plants per bag
~ 10-15 species

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Succulent cutting grab bags are filled with top-quality plants of many shades, sizes, and varieties.

Each bag weighs in at about 1 pound, totaling roughly 25 plants per bag.
Every bag contains between 10 and 15 species that are ready to plant upon arrival.

Plants are labeled as “thriller,” “filler,” and “spiller” to help you get a good handle on arrangement principles.

Succulent varieties will include any of the following:
– echeveria
– graptopetalum
– aeonium
– crassula
– cotyledon
– kalanchoe
– sedum
– any hybrid of these

Your order will come with our signature arrangement tips and care instructions.

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