In addition to my succulent business, I also have a few other professional projects going and have included links to those projects below. I've been writing for Cultivated Wellbeing since 2013, sharing health and wellness tips and recipes that support gut health and other special diets. I have a Master's degree in Integrative Health Studies with experience and expertise in personal health and wellbeing, corporate wellness, and food writing.

I'm also a professional improv teacher and have launched a business with my friend and partner, Karen Sandvoss, to marry the principles of wellness and improv and offer unique team building and leadership development experiences for professional teams, large and small.

Find out about both of these projects and my professional writing services below.

Cultivated Wellbeing

Explore wellbeing beyond food and fitness, and move into personal fulfillment and creativity with Cultivated Wellbeing. Get a better understanding of your own body and how a holistic approach to health will help you thrive.

Take your health and wellness to the next level with easy recipes, doable lifestyle tips, and coaching programs, all at your fingertips.

The Village Makers

After spending 9+ years in the health and wellness industry (in one form or another), I learned over and over how engagement can affect outcomes, both personally and professionally.

Then I found improv and joined forces with Karen Sandvoss, an improvisational instructor, performer, and constant student of life. Together, we discovered the many ways in which wellness and improv overlap (especially in the forms of mindfulness, presence, and cooperation).

Making Villages is all about creating community and fostering a sense of collaboration and support. We, The Village Makers, have a mission of spreading the love, and we're eager to bring those awesome skills to you and your team.

Invite us to help turn your workforce into a village of supportive collaborators with the confidence and excitement to grow your business.