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When I began my succulent journey years ago, I had no idea that one day I’d end up launching a wedding and event floral business. Creating arrangements for weddings, events, and restaurant spaces is super fun, but crafting the perfect succulent wedding bouquet is one of my very favorite creative activities.

My succulent journey began when a plant-sitting favor for a friend turned into plant ownership for me. The first succulent I kept alive was an Echeveria Fred Ives, a beautiful pink and purple succulent that’s super easy to take care of, and they multiply like crazy! I soon discovered how fun and satisfying it was to grow and propagate these gorgeous plants. So when we bought our first house, I launched a succulent project in the back yard, building up a little hill, and planting a few succulents. I didn’t realize that I was also planting seeds for what would eventually become a full-blown obsession.

Day by day, the garden (and the obsession) grew, and when my husband joined in, adding in his “collector’s” agenda (collecting less common varieties), we were off to the races. We built raised beds in both our front and back yards to display our succulent prizes. Then I started getting creative, making potted arrangements and succulent wreaths. And now I’ve expanded into wedding territory, offering:

  • Succulent wedding bouquets (bridal bouquets, bridesmaid bouquets, and posies)
  • Succulent floral hoops and aisle wreaths
  • Succulent boutonnieres
  • Succulent corsages
  • Succulent necklaces, earrings, and rings
  • Succulent dog collars
  • Succulent hair combs and floral crowns
  • Succulent centerpieces and ceremony installations
  • Succulent wedding favors

Using succulents as your central wedding flowers is the most beautiful, sustainable, cost-effective, and creative choice for your wedding. Here are four reasons why.

1. Your Succulent Wedding Bouquet is Eco-friendly

One of my favorite features about succulent plants is their resilience. They’re so easy to propagate that a small collection can grow much larger with a little bit of time and strategic snipping. They’re also among the most drought-tolerant options available, standing up to the heat for an outdoor wedding and lasting for days (or even weeks). The beauty of using succulents in wedding bouquets (or wedding floral design in general) is that they don’t die just because we’ve cut them off at the stem. On the contrary, they can last and even multiply after being cut from their mother plant.

Don’t get me wrong, cut flowers make for a gorgeous and classic wedding look, and I do use them in my wedding floral design, along with greenery, hypericum berries, spindly vines, ferns, and any other accents that will enhance your vision for your special day. But with succulents taking center stage, you have the option of keeping your wedding flowers alive forever.

2. Succulents Can Be a Part of Any Wedding Floral Look

Whether we’re talking about just the bridal flowers or the decor for the whole party – succulent centerpieces, aisle decor, cake toppers, and/or party favors – these amazing plants offer a truly unique look. They work for nearly any color palette, come in every shape and size, and can accommodate a wide range of floral budgets.

Succulents can accomplish just about any look you might be dreaming of for your wedding day. They can also be the most cost-effective option if you work with someone who can help guide your choices. The sky is the limit, but here are a few examples at different price points:

  • Cost-effective succulent wedding bouquet options: choose one-to-three extra large central succulent and surround it/them with soft green bouquet accents in a medium or small bouquet for the least expensive option.
  • Rustic, natural succulent wedding bouquet: select wild flowers like poppy, chamomile, and daisies and accent with eucalyptus greenery for a casual, garden wedding look
  • Lavish and luxurious succulent wedding bouquet: choose an array of seasonal blooms to work with for your succulent wedding bouquet, accenting with garden roses, dahlias, peonies, proteas, ranunculous, or whatever your favorite flowers may be.

The biggest difference between succulent bouquets and cut flower bouquets is that they don’t go into the trash after the wedding. Instead, your succulent wedding bouquet can be dismantled and replanted. The plants can go back into the ground or into a stylish pot for you to keep on enjoying.

keep your wedding flowers
From Bouquet to Arrangement: Keep Your Bouquet Forever

3. Preserving Your Wedding Flowers is Expensive

A quick internet search reveals that flower preservation can be pretty pricy. Professionally pressed flowers can run you anywhere from $100 to $300, while freeze-drying can be upwards of $1000! After the more immediate expenses of the wedding itself, those prices might feel pretty steep.

And then there’s the option of drying them yourself. That’s actually what I did for my wedding years ago. This was long before my succulent obsession was in full swing. We were lucky enough to go on an amazing honeymoon right after our wedding. But that meant that I wasn’t able to enjoy my beautiful (expensive) wedding bouquet for more than one day. Instead, my sister separated out all of my flowers and strung them up on a coat hanger for me. I came home to dried spray roses and fiddlehead ferns with no real plan as to what to do with them. Kind of heart-breaking after the big spend on flowers.

With succulents, you have the option of taking your bouquet apart yourself to replant it or leaving it for me to pick up and create a custom arrangement for you. This option extends beyond the bouquet and can include the succulents we’ve used for any succulent accents that went into styling your wedding ceremony and reception. (This includes other personal flowers, a floral crown, your pup’s succulent collar, aisle decor, etc.) Instead of coming home to dried flowers, you’ll come home to a gorgeous, custom succulent arrangement that will last as long as you take care of it.

succulent wedding bouquet 4

4. Your Arrangement Will Remind You of Your Wedding Day (and Your Succulent Wedding Bouquet)

Long after the party has ended, you’ll have returned from your honeymoon and settled into your married life. Your succulent arrangement will be there with you, serving as a reminder of your shared commitment— a “Love Garden” to grow and maintain, just like your marriage. These living plants will represent the day you chose to combine your lives and create a shared future. If you take good care of them, they’ll shoot off babies and runners, growing as your relationship grows. It might sound cheesy, but it’s actually pretty beautiful. It’s one of the many aspects of these plants that inspires me to keep creating with them.

Keep Your Bouquet Forever

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