Restaurant Decor / Service Agreement

Nido Kitchen and Bar

Located in the Jack London District in Oakland, this delicious Mexican restaurant offers a gorgeous living ambiance with plants juxtaposing a more industrial-themed decor. Nido had a wealth of existing succulents outside their front doors when I joined up to help out. I've since sharpened the outdoor look and added succulents inside.

Corporate Decor / Service Agreement

Assembly at North First

Located just off the freeway in San Jose, Assembly at North First is transforming a collection of warehouses into a beautiful professional and social space bordered with greenery and natural accents. I created a number of arrangements complementary to the building's aesthetic to be placed in the main corporate office.

Indoor Succulents / Home Staging

442 Sanchez St

Partnered up with Flip Home Staging, I created an elegant statement piece for this beautiful San Francisco home. In a case like this, I tend to look for height wherever I can find it. Whether I'm using found objects like driftwood/twigs or taller plants that tolerate low-light like Sanseveria, height variation is the key to creating a beautiful indoor arrangement. (listing)

Indoor Succulents / Home Staging

3345 17th St

In this beautifully modern home, the perfect arrangement calls for tall, winding tendrils in a clean, simple vessel. I joined up with Flip Home Staging to create a simple accent to this beautifully staged home. (listing)

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